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Scented candles can help you relax and focus

Why are candles so soothing, that’s a question we get asked a lot here. Candles are proven to soothe us with its flickering light and relaxing scents. You can see my full list of my favorite scents for relaxation in my 5 Best Scented Candles for a Cozy Home. The best part too is that beeswax has a special range of light that is actually better for you and your brain.

The soft light that comes from your candle is taken in by your eyes and brought straight to your brain through your optic nerves for processing. Our associations with candlelight begin to relax your body, helping us to feel emotionally and physically safe and secure. Some of the perks of feeling relaxed include more energy, better sleep, enhanced immunity, less pain and a happier you.

A scented candle offers even more benefits by hitting another sweet spot of your senses, your nose. We all have trigger scents, or scents that make us feel good and scents that remind us of unpleasant things or unhappy things. By choosing a scent that you find relaxing, or a scent known for calming properties, you can enhance your candlelight experience.

While all candles can offer a sense of relaxation, a scented candle that complements your mood can make a world of difference for you. Our aromatherapy line of scented candles are infused with premium aromatherapy fragrance oils, designed to induce different feelings and emotions.

  My favorites for relaxing are as follows. 

My number one would be Gold Sheen. Oh boy does this scent make me feel cozy. It is the cashmere vanilla to put all others to shame. With succulent peach, gently tickling your nose with fresh and juicy notes. Floral bergamot showering your room with petals. Amber musk adding a self-indulgent musky aroma. And cashmere vanilla softly wrapping you in a warm embrace. This scent is my absolute favorite for settling down and enjoying the moment.

My number two is Turquoise Dream. This one is very dreamy and definitely comfy. With aromatherapy power Turquoise Dream comes to the rescue with the perfect sleepy and relaxing blend. With orange blowing you citrusy kisses, giving the perfect little hint of zest. Rich woody cedarwood brings a warm woodsy element to your space. Ylang-ylang zings in with a spicy twist. Lastly calming lavender swoops in with a soothing floral crescendo. It’s perfect for snuggling onto the couch and kicking your feet up.

My number three is Midnight Obsidian. If you are looking for an experience, you are in the right place with this candle. I absolutely love the coffee house experience that I get when I light this delicious one. It’s like sitting in your favorite çoffee shop with a caramel latte in your hand and your newest book in the other. Chestnut brown sugar sweetens the air with a little bit of nutty zest. Caramel coffee bursts out in a silky decedent fashion. And coconut cream finishes the whole treat off like the whipped topping on the dessert. 

Number four for me is Luminous Jasper. This candle is absolutely satisfying, it makes me think of the pool at the bottom of a waterfall or a flower covered fern grotto. I absolutely love it, the midnight jasmine is deep and floral. The fern grotto is very woodland wonderland, like the smell of deep forest with earth and trees. The ylang-ylang adds a beautiful spice. The amber musk gives it the final little piece of the puzzle with a warm musky rise.

And my last cozy home candle is Emerald Allure. Relaxation is very easily achieved when you light this candle up. Floral and spicy, it's really the perfect combination. With bergamot you get a wonderful light floral bloom, it makes the room feel light and airy. The lavender gives it an even better floral touch, breezing through with relaxing strokes. Lastly the frankincense dances through with the faintest spice.

These are my top five relaxation candles, they are sure to help you get the peaceful space you need right when you need it.

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