Collection: Luxe Line

Luxe line wood wick candles are made with high quality blend of essential and fragrance oils. With wholesome beeswax you can be assured that your burning the best, naturally pulling toxins out of the air and you can enjoy a longer, cleaner burn. Also you can be assured that you are burning eco friendly and sustainable candle.

Wood Wick Trimmer

Wick trimmersare a great accessory for any candle lover! These wick trimmers are steel and have a handles covered with blue rubber.

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opulent brilliance wood wick candle burning

Best Candle Burning Practice

Do burn it for three hours on first use. Don't place your candle in a draughty area. Do trim your wick regularly. Do re-centre your wick after each burn. Don't leave the lid off when not in use. Do clean the glass. Do reuse your candle jar.

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