The sense of smell is a very strong trigger that can bring to mind powerful memories. Simply smelling a certain scent can remind you of a pleasant occasion or atmosphere, such as a delicious meal your mother used to cook or a particular perfume or cologne of a loved one. When it comes to an atmosphere within the home, many homeowners introduce delightful, fresh, and vibrant fragrances to create pleasant and enjoyable atmospheres. There are various ways to do this and they include the addition of scented candles or the introduction of essential oils. At the Opulent Brilliance, we offer many different options when it comes to reed deffusers that can produce the desired atmosphere within your living space.

Reed Diffusers

Through the use of the Opulent Brilliance reed diffusers we offer, you can disperse delightful aromas and scents within your home within just a few moments’ time. You can even choose different fragrances for each room or living area.

The question then becomes how to choose the perfect fragrance for your home or individual living spaces. Let’s look at a couple of examples.

Living Room Fragrance

When selecting a fragrance for some of the more busy areas of your home, you may want to consider fruity or sweet scents. These fragrances fill the room ever so gently with an inspiring spring and summery feeling, creating a comfortable and refreshing atmosphere.

Bedroom Fragrance

You may want to consider a more soothing or romantic fragrance for the bedroom or other quiet spaces in your home. These fragrances, such as floral and musk combinations, can help create a relaxing and calm atmosphere.

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